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Compliance for employers

Do I need to register with the WSIB?

Most businesses in Ontario that employ workers (including family members and sub-contractors) must register with the WSIB within 10 days of hiring their first full- or part-time worker.

Registering with the WSIB provides workplace insurance coverage for all of your workers and gives you access to experts in health and safety for your business sector.

There are a few industries that do not have to register. These include:

  • Banks, trusts and insurance companies
  • Computer software developers
  • Private health care practices (such as those of doctors and chiropractors)
  • Trade unions
  • Private day cares
  • Travel agencies
  • Clubs (such as health clubs)
  • Photographers
  • Barbers, hair salons, and shoe-shine stands
  • Taxidermists
  • Funeral directing and embalming

Even if your company is in one of these categories, you can still choose to insure your workers through the WSIB.

More information is available elsewhere on this website. You can also call your local WSIB office and ask an account representative about applying for coverage for your business.

Reporting incidents

You must report the incident to the WSIB within 3 days if your worker:

  • Loses time from work or
  • Earns less than a regular day's pay or
  • Gets health care treatment.

You don’t need to report the incident if your worker only needs first aid.

You can wait on reporting the incident for up to 7 calendar days only if your worker:

  • Receives modified work at full pay and
  • Needs nothing beyond first aid.

You must keep a record of the incident and what happens during the time your worker recovers. You must report workplace injuries or illnesses that go past the 7 calendar days of modified work.

Reporting material changes in your situation

If you have a change in circumstances that affects your employer obligations relating to WSIB, you must report that change to us within 10 days.

(Sec. 149 (3) Workplace Safety and Insurance Act)

WSIB Compliance Approach

We have a compliance strategy that is based on education, communication, assistance and uses enforcement as a last resort. 


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