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Compliance: Our commitment and approach



Our commitment

We want to achieve a balance between actions which promote cooperation and compliance, and actions necessary to address non-compliance and fraud.

We commit to:

  • focusing on activities that emphasize education and cooperation
  • providing help for those who want it through outreach and excellent customer service
  • taking action to bring you into compliance and keep you there
  • using enforcement as a last resort, in a fair and consistent manner

Our approach

Compliance is a mutual obligation based on 3 simple principles: you must know and understand your obligations, you must be able to comply, and you must be willing to comply.

We will:

  • provide you with the information you need to fulfill your obligations
  • make it easier for you to work with us through improved online and customer services
  • focus on finding compliance gaps and problems, and then developing the right interventions to fix them

You will:

  • learn what you have to do through education and understanding
  • save time and effort by using easy to manage eServices 24/7
  • work with us to make sure everyone is doing their share to make a fair and level playing field.

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