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Compliance: Fraud and non-compliance



Fraud and non-compliance

Some people may commit offences that need to be investigated and, if necessary, prosecuted.

Fraudulent offences are the most serious, and will result in enforcement. It is considered fraud when someone makes a false statement to the WSIB, or wilfully fails to inform us of a material change in their circumstances.

If you suspect that someone has committed an offence, you should let us know.

Our services

We provide many services to assist you in staying compliant and avoiding enforcement.

These links are here to help you learn about our services and work with you:



Report Fraud and

Call toll-free: 1-888-SI-LEADS 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon to Fri.
Email us at: sileads@wsib.on.ca

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Did you know?


In 2013 Employer Audit Services was in contact with over 14,500 employers.


Analyze and Support

A Customer Outreach team in Collections contacts employers who have not paid premiums personally, directly, and early. In 2013, the Customer Outreach Team collected over $1.1 billion.

Investigate and Action

Regulatory Services received 2, 977 leads through our Action Line in 2013.


In 2013 the WSIB laid 227 charges under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act with a prosecution success rate of 98%.

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