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Regional evaluation centres

The Regional Evaluation Centre (REC) musculoskeletal (MSK) Assessment supports and enhances outcomes for workers by providing early intervention focused on functional recovery and return to work (RTW). It promotes increased communication among those involved in facilitating the worker’s recovery and successful RTW.

The assessment provides recommendations to the WSIB and the worker’s primary treating health professional to assist them in planning RTW and appropriate health care interventions to support a worker’s recovery and sustainable RTW.

Following the physician assessment, the Work Capacity Liaison (WCL) meets with the worker to assist the worker to understand how the assessment findings and recommendations translate into work capacities to support recovery and RTW.

The REC physician will discuss the results of the assessment findings, functional capacity and RTW recommendations with the worker’s primary treating health professional.

The RECs will also perform an expedited migrant worker assessment that provides the migrant worker with quick access to a medical assessment.

Regional Evaluation Centres are located around the province of Ontario.

For more information on RECs, you can call our Health Care Practitioner Access Line at 1-800-569-7919.

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