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Specialty programs

We have many specialty programs available to injured workers to assist them with specific recovery difficulties. 

To refer a worker to one of our programs, contact the worker's case manager or nurse consultant.

Expanding our Specialty Clinics Program

We’re expanding our Specialty Clinics Program to improve health care for injured workers.

With 11 programs operating in 15 hospitals across the province, we can offer faster specialized services for complex cases,

See our contact list for Specialty Clinics

New programs

New programs we’re introducing:

  • back and neck
  •  substance management
  • expedited surgical services

We designed our new program to:

  • give injured workers greater access to new and expanded specialized assessment and treatment services from Ontario hospitals
  • improve access to quality care for our customers
  • helps workers return to work in a shorter period of time

Do you have a concern regarding care or service received at a Regional Evaluation Centre or a Specialty Clinic? Learn more.

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