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Q2 2018

Registered claim volume 6% higher than 2017

Year-to-date Q2 2018: 104,351 registered claims
Target: N/A
YTD Q2 2017 comparison: 98, 332 registered claims
Registered and lost-time claim volumes continued to increase in Q2. Year-to-date for Schedule 1 businesses, they are 6% and 16% higher, respectively, than in 2017.

*Schedule 1 only

Service satisfaction 72% of people injured at work, 78% businesses

Q2 2018 Result: 72% of people injured at work. 78% of businesses
Target: 68% to 72% for people injured at work. 75% - 79% for businesses
Q2 2017 comparison: 72% for people injured at work and 80% for businesses
Levels of satisfaction with customer experience at the WSIB are consistent with Q2 2017and have improved since last quarter.

9/10 return to work at 100% pre-injury earnings within 12 months

Q2 2018 Result: 90.2%
Target: 92.0%
Q2 2017 comparison: 91.1%
While 9 out of 10 people are returning to work with no wage loss within 12 months, we remain shy of our target. We are making enhancements to our return-to-work program, such as a better claims allocation process to speed response times, and we will be closely monitoring the impact of these changes.

*Schedule 1 only

Employed after completing work transition plan 92%

Q2 2018 Result: 92%
Target: 85%
Q2 2017 comparison: 91%
In Q2, a higher percentage of those completing a work transition plan went on to find employment than in Q2 2017. The program helps people injured at work who are unable to return to their pre-injury positions.

*Schedule 1 only

Unfunded liability eliminated, $653 million reserve

Q2 2018 Result: +$653M
Target: ($896M)
Q2 2017 comparison: ($2,621M)
For the first time in recorded history, the WSIB is now over 100% funded.As recently as 2011, the UFL stood at over $14B. The UFL has been eliminated nearly a decade ahead of the legislated timeline (2027).

Sufficiency ratio 102%

Q2 2018 Result: 102.0%
Target: 97.3%
Q2 2017 comparison: 91.8%
For the first time in recorded history, the WSIB is able to report a Sufficiency Ratio above 100%. As of the end of Q2 2018, the Unfunded Liability has been eliminated.

Appeals total allowance rate at 28%

Q2 2018 Result: 28%
Target: 26%-33%
Compared to Q2 2017: 27%
In Q2, 21% of appeals were allowed and 7% were allowed in part, consistent with recent quarters.

People with a permanent impairment 5.2%

Q2 2018 Result: 5.2%
Benchmark: 6.5%
Q2 2017 Comparison: 5.7%
Year to date, 5.2% of people with work-related injuries experienced a permanent impairment, an improvement from 5.9% in 2017. The Q2 result was lower than in any quarter in at least the past eight years (tied with Q3 2014).

*Schedule 1 only

Average composite duration at 59.5 days

Q2 2018 Result: 59.5 days
Target: 63.7 days
Compared to Q2 2017: 54.3 days
While more people with workplace injuries required benefits for periods of up to 48 months, long-term (72-month) duration continued to improve in Q2.

*Schedule 1 only

*Schedule 1 only
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