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Awards and recognition



External recognition

Excellence Canada (formerly the National Quality Institute [NQI])

The WSIB began its journey towards becoming a Healthy Workplace in 2005, through Excellence Canada (formerly the National Quality Institute). The Progressive Excellence Program (PEP) is a system for the development, implementation and sustainability of a healthy workplace environment. Certification as a Healthy Workplace requires successful attainment of 4 levels: commitment, planning, implementation and sustainability. In 2013, the WSIB achieved the Level 4 Gold award for a Healthy Workplace in Excellence Canada’s Progressive Excellence Program. This is the highest level of recognition from Excellence Canada, making us a role model for other organizations. Watch our video, The Picture of a Healthy Workplace, to learn more about our healthy workplace culture.

Brandon Hall Group

In 2012 the US-based Brandon Hall Group, which specializes in best-practices research, awarded the WSIB's Learning & Performance branch with a gold medal in the category of "blended learning", for a program designed in-house that lead to measurable business outcomes. Blended learning means that the program was delivered through a variety of methods: on-the-job learning, instructor-lead sessions, e-learning and self-study.

Brandon Hall Group

Canadian Society for Training and Development

The Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD), the voice of workplace learning professionals in Canada, honoured the WSIB in 2013 with the Silver Canadian Award for Training Excellence in the Blended Learning Category for our New Manager Program.

In 2012, the CSTD honoured the WSIB with two awards. One award was for a video created in-house by WSIB staff that demonstrates the importance of lifelong learning. The other award was for the same program that won a gold medal from the Brandon Hall Group.


Internal recognition

Award of Excellence for Distinguished Service

Each year the WSIB honours two employees, one active and one retired, with an award of excellence. The award is presented to a WSIB staff member who demonstrates excellence, accountability and dedication. Those who have won the award in past years are people who have led with excellence, been instrumental in driving a program or change and have made a difference to external clients as well as to WSIB staff, either as a coach, mentor or positive influence.

Outstanding Performance in Health and Safety

The WSIB is an organization that is committed to achieving a healthy and safe workplace environment for all staff. To recognize this goal, every year we honour one staff member for their exceptional contributions to our internal occupational health and safety program. All permanent staff members at the WSIB are eligible to be nominated.



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