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eClearance help

New eClearance feature

Contractors who need to renew clearances to their principals and are not on their principal's list can now do it in 3 simple steps:

  1. Log into eServices and go to eClearance
  2. Click Renew My Clearance Certificates from the Tools menu
  3. Clearances that can be renewed will have a check mark. Click the Renew My Certificates button

Read our user guide (PDF) about contractor clearance renewal.

If you are on a principal’s list, your clearance will renew automatically.

As you are using the eClearance application, help and instructional messages will be available to guide you.

We have also prepared two User Guides that can help you use the system.

For users accessing eClearance without an eServices User ID

eClearance user guide (PDF)

For principals and contractors accessing eClearance with an eServices User ID

eClearance user guide for principals and contractors (PDF)

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