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Corporate Governance

Governance principles

WSIB’s corporate governance provides the structure and processes that control the organization, specifically, how our objectives are set, the means of attaining the objectives, and monitoring our performance. Our corporate governance is based on the government of Ontario’s requirements for agency oversight and compliance. WSIB’s corporate governance instruments (policies, Board of Director committee mandates) are developed and reviewed regularly following leading governance best practices.

Risk management

Effective risk management is fundamental to the WSIB successfully achieving its strategic and operational objectives and fulfilling its mandate in a sustainable manner. The WSIB has established an enterprise risk management framework that enables the identification and management of key risks to the organization’s long-term success. Through the program, risks are identified, assessed, managed and monitored, and reported upon. The program is designed in a manner to ensure risk-based decision making becomes ingrained throughout the organization, which in turn leads to optimal decisions and better outcomes.

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