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Rate Framework

The WSIB is introducing the rate framework, a new premium rate setting model that has a clear and simple classification method and structure for determining your premium rate. This page will be your resource for information and updates about the rate framework while we transition to the new model.

What is the Rate Framework?

We are changing the way we set premium rates for the 300,000 Ontario businesses covered by our workplace injury and illness insurance because every business deserves a system that is fair, transparent and easy to understand.

Our new premium rate setting model is called the rate framework. The rate framework is an innovative rate setting structure that is intended to increase the transparency of the premium rate setting process. The rate framework will change the way Schedule 1 employers are classified, and the way their premium rates are set and adjusted.

Our rate framework will be implemented on January 1, 2020. As we transition into the new model, the WSIB is launching an intensive engagement campaign to ensure you are prepared for the coming changes. Check the website often for announcements, updates and news about upcoming webinars.

Updating Your Future NAICS Classification

The Review Your Classification tool is no longer available to update your new NAICS classification information. You will have opportunities in the future to provide feedback about your NAICS classification prior to the implementation of the rate framework.

We will be sharing more information about the rate framework with businesses later this year, and at that time you will have a chance to review and update your new NAICS classification. In the meantime, you can still visit the Statistics Canada website for more information about the NAICS model.

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If you have more questions or would like information about upcoming engagement sessions near you, please email: rateframework@wsib.on.ca

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