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Shoulder injury information for workers

In keeping with our commitment to improving recovery and return to work outcomes for injured workers, we’re providing information on shoulder injuries to workers who register claims with us for a work-related shoulder injury.   

What information does the info sheet provide?

It will give injured workers information on recovery from a shoulder injury. The information describes the steps to take to get back to normal activities. 

We encourage injured workers to discuss the information with their health care professional.

It is important that injured workers work with their family physician, other health care professionals, their employer, and the WSIB to achieve recovery and return to work. Evidence shows staying active will help injured workers return to their normal work and leisure activities.

Need more information?

For further information about Understanding Your Shoulder Injury, please call WSIB Telephone Inquiry at 416-344-1000, or toll-free at 1-800-387-0750.

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