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Insurable earnings and premium estimator for the construction industry

The Insurable earnings and premium estimator for the construction industry estimates the insurable earnings and premium amounts for businesses in the construction sector.

To proceed you will need:

  • An estimate of the total annual insurable earnings for sole proprietors, partners, and executive officers, as well as gross insurable earnings for workers (Independent Operators must have their contracts/invoices for the current reporting period)
  • Your WSIB Premium Remittance Form or the rate group numbers assigned to your WSIB account, if available. If you do not know your rate group number, review the rate group descriptions in the WSIB's Employer Classification Manual.


WSIB has made this online calculator available as a tool that you can use to learn how to estimate and calculate WSIB insurable earnings and premiums. This online calculator will work with the information that you provide. It is up to you to ensure the accuracy of the information that you enter. The online calculator will not retain any of the information entered into it and will not report any information to the WSIB.

Even if you use the online calculator note that employers still have an obligation to report their insurable earnings and pay their premiums to WSIB, either through conventional methods or ePremium.


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