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New eClearance feature

Contractors who need to renew clearances to their principals and are not on their principal's list can now do it in 3 simple steps:

  1. Log into eServices and go to eClearance
  2. Click Renew My Clearance Certificates from the Tools menu
  3. Clearances that can be renewed will have a check mark. Click the Renew My Certificates button

Read our user guide (PDF) about contractor clearance renewal.

If you are on a principal’s list, your clearance will renew automatically.

What is a clearance?

A clearance is a number issued free of charge by the WSIB. It declares that a business, contractor or subcontractor is registered with us and has an account in good standing.

Contractors use clearances to help demonstrate they are registered with the WSIB and pay their premiums on time. Businesses rely on clearances to avoid liability for insurance premiums owing in connection with the work or service being performed.

Changes to clearances

To make clearances easier to use, we have made changes:

  • We have shifted the focus away from the concept of a certificate and to the validity of the clearance number. This change will improve security throughout the system.
  • Clearances are now valid for up to 90 days instead of 60.
  • Predictable renewal dates will help you keep track of when clearances expire.
  • Generic clearances have been discontinued in favour of specific clearances that show specific principal-contractor business relationships.

Clearances also have a new look. Here is a sample:

Learn more about changes to clearances.

Our  ‘What’s a Clearance certificate?’ video is now available! It’s a great resource for anyone who hires companies to do work for them (principles), or is hired to do work for a client (contractor).


Now you can easily and conveniently take care of simple clearance needs online:

  • Get a clearance to demonstrate your account is in good standing.
  • Check the validity of a clearance to avoid financial liability when employing contractors.
  • View clearance status at any time.

Or, enroll in a customized version of the eClearance service to manage even more of your clearance needs online:

  • Manage lists of contractors,
  • Automatically issue new clearances,
  • View your firm’s history of clearances,
  • Receive a variety of automatic email notifications, and more.

Access eClearance or enroll in the customized version now

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