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What is a clearance?

A clearance is a number issued by the WSIB. It declares that a business, contractor or subcontractor is registered with us and has an account in good standing. Contractors use clearances to help demonstrate they are registered with the WSIB and are ‘in good standing’ (meaning they report and pay their premiums on time). Businesses rely on clearances to avoid liability for insurance premiums owing in connection with the work or service being performed.

Most newly registered employers requiring a clearance certificate at the time of registration will need to make an initial advance payment of $250. This payment is applied to your WSIB account as a credit and will be applied towards your future premiums.

An advance payment is not new to the WSIB. Based on your feedback as of October 1, 2017, we have moved to a more consistent and transparent approach by requiring a standard amount of $250 for the advance payment.

For more information about clearances, see our What’s a Clearance certificate? video and our eClearance FAQs.  It’s a great resource for anyone who hires companies to do work for them (principles), or is hired to do work for a client (contractor).


Clearance validity

We are improving our eClearance tool to serve you better in the future. As a result, clearances issued or renewed after May 18 will be valid until November 19, 2018.  


Now you can easily and conveniently take care of simple clearance needs online:

  • Get a clearance to demonstrate your account is in good standing.
  • Check the validity of a clearance to avoid financial liability when employing contractors.
  • View clearance status at any time.

Or, enroll in a customized version of the eClearance service to manage even more of your clearance needs online:

  • Manage lists of contractors,
  • Automatically issue new clearances,
  • View your firm’s history of clearances,
  • Receive a variety of automatic email notifications, and more.

Access eClearance or enroll in the customized version now

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