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Consultation: Modernization of the WSIB’s Appeals Program

We’re working hard to find better ways of doing business - providing faster and better service to workers and employers. Part of this ongoing transformation is the modernization of our appeals program to ensure timely, fair, and transparent resolutions.

Our modernized Appeals Program will mean:

  • Workers and employers who are ready and available to proceed with their objections will have a resolution sooner
  • Our Appeals Services Division will resolve worker and employer objections faster, supporting better return-to-work and recovery outcomes
  • WSIB front-line decision makers will provide fuller explanations for their decisions
  • Oral hearings will be retained for complex entitlement decisions.

Our goal, as always, is service excellence.

In June, we issued a consultation paper, which asked for stakeholder input to address systemic problems and help us manage worker and employer appeals more efficiently. Interested parties were invited to make submissions by October 1, 2012.

Results of the Consultation

Forty three submissions were received and the stakeholder feedback has been summarized in a detailed consultation report (PDF). The report also outlines the WSIB’s response, and shows how the feedback has been used to make further improvements to the appeals process and forms.  

Highlights of our response to feedback in the submissions are:

  • Downside Risk Issue - Representatives/parties will not be required to sign a declaration; we will keep the current process (i.e., if an Appeals Resolution Officer identifies a related downside risk to the issue being appealed, the party will be given notice and an opportunity to either withdraw the appeal or proceed with the appeal)
  • Forms - the names of the appeals forms have been changed  to improve clarity and instruction sheets have been simplified
  • Criteria for Hearings in Writing/Oral Hearings - additional details surrounding the types of cases that will be dealt with through a hearing in writing or an oral hearing will be included in the appeals procedural document
  • Respondents (Participating Party) - Respondents in the appeal process will have additional time (30 days instead of 21 days) to prepare their response once they are provided with full access to the file record.  A Respondent Form has been developed and is included in the Consultation Report.

Details of these and other changes are provided in the consultation report.

The new appeals process is in effect as of February 1, 2013.  For details on the appeals process, see the new Appeals Services Division Practice and Procedures (PDF) document.

Have questions?

If you have questions about the Consultation Report, you can contact Slavica Todorovic at slavica_todorovic@wsib.on.ca, or by phone at 416-344-7404; or Karen Wuori, Manager, at karen_wuori@wsib.on.ca, or by phone at 416-344-4380.

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