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Q1 2018

Lost time injury rate -2017

Q1 2018 Result: : 1.00
Year-to-date target: 1.06
Compared to Q1 2017 : =1.00
The LTI rate has remained stable compared to last year and is better than our target. By industry, the LTI rates in automotive and construction improved compared to last year, though they increased in health care and transportation.

*Schedule 1 only

Q1 2018 Result: 65% of people injured at work. 72% of businesses
Year-to-date target: 68% - 72% of people injured at work. 75% - 79% of businesses
Compared to Q1 2017: ▾71% of people injured at work and 77% of businesses
Levels of satisfaction slipped in Q1 2018. We remain committed to improving levels of satisfaction and finding new ways to help those we serve.

Q1 2018 Result: 89.6%
Year-to-date target: 92.0%
Compared to Q1 2017: ▾ 90.9%
While 9 out of 10 people are returning to work with no wage loss within 12 months, we are shy of our target. We’ve launched an enhanced return-to-work program in Q1 to help outcomes.

Q1 2018 Result: 89%
Year-to-date target: 85%
Compared to Q1 2017: ▵86%
In Q1, a higher percentage of those completing a Work Transition plan went on to find employment. The program helps people injured at work who are unable to return to their pre-injury positions.

Q1 2018 Result: 28%
Year-to-date target: 26% - 33%
Compared to Q1 2017: N/A (new metric)
This new metric includes 19% of appealed claims that were allowed and 9% that were allowed in part.

Q1 2018 Result: 98.0%
Year-to-date target: 95.8%
Compared to Q1 2017: ▵89.0%
As the WSIB's unfunded liability on a Sufficiency Ratio basis has been steadily reduced, our Sufficiency Ratio has been climbing each quarter. It reached 98.0% in Q1, an increase of 2.2% since the end of 2017.

Q1 2018 Result: 58.0 days
Year-to-date target: 63.7 days
Compared to Q1 2017: N/A (new metric)
Average composite duration is a new measure we are reporting on for Q1. While more people with workplace injuries continued to require benefits for up to 24 months, long-term (72-month) duration continued to improve in Q1.

Q1 2018 Result: 5.3%
Year-to-date benchmark: 6.5%
Compared to Q1 2017: ▿6.0%
In Q1, 5.3% of people with work-related injuries experienced a permanent impairment, an improvement from 6.0% in Q1 2017. This is the lowest level since Q3 2014.

*Schedule 1 only

Q1 2018 Result: $634M
Year-to-date target: $1,362M
Compared to Q1 2017: ▾$3,482M
As of Q1, the WSIB's unfunded liability has been reduced to $634 million on a Sufficiency Ratio basis.

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