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Procurement activities

We're committed to addressing rising costs while maintaining the best possible care for injured and ill workers. Entering into strategic agreements for the products we purchase is part of that commitment.

See our Requests for Proposals,

When we conduct procurement activities, such as issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP), we post general information with a link to the website(s) where the RFPs are available. Each posting will remain on this page until one week after it closes.

For purposes of tracking and accessibility, our procurement activities are only available through Biddingo, an established tendering website.

  • The first step in responding to a procurement request (e.g., RFP) is to read the general description provided below of the services required
  • If you are interested in submitting a bid, you then need to visit the Biddingo website, register and download the required document. There is a fee involved

The Biddingo site provides step-by-step instructions on how to access the procurement request document (e.g. RFP) as well as how to submit an electronic proposal using the Electronic Bidding System (EBS).

Once you have downloaded the document, you can post questions directly online at the tendering site. 

Answers will be posted on the relevant website for all procurement participants to review.

See the WSIB Procurement RFx Report.

Procurement Information for Suppliers

If you are interested in becoming a WSIB Supplier, read this information for a general overview of our procurement policies and processes, in order to ensure fair, open and transparent competition for all who are interested

Release date Closing date Description

December 11, 2017

Submission of Questions: December 12, 2017, 11:00:00 AM

Closing Date: December 14, 2017, 12:00:00 PM

RFP Number: 2017-183-DF Psychological Personality Assessments and Team Optimization Training

This request for proposals (the “RFP”) issued by the WSIB is an invitation to suppliers to submit proposals for the provision of psychologic personality assessments and Team Optimization Training.

For further information, interested parties may obtain a complete copy of the RFP document located on Biddingo.

November 3 2017

Deadline for Questions-
November 15, 2017 11:00 a.m.

Submission Deadline-
December 5, 2017 11:00 a.m.

RFP 2017-101 Mobile Management Solution

The WSIB is seeking a Supplier who can deliver a reliable and cost effective enterprise mobile management solution that will align to the WSIB’s current and future business mobile requirements.

Interested parties may obtain a complete copy of the RFP document on Biddingo (www.biddingo.com)


WSIB Specialty Programs RFP - Information for Providers

Later this summer, the WSIB will be seeking proposals for hospitals and psychiatric facilities to deliver its Specialty Programs. In advance of issuing this RFP, we have released Specialty Programs RFP - Information for Providers (PDF).

Once we issue the RFP, interested parties may review a complete copy of the RFP document on Biddingo.


WSIB Procurement RFx Report
RFx Number Description Awarded to: Date Awarded

RFP 2016-20

Medical Consultants File Review Services

North York Rehabilitation Centre Corp., North York General Hospital, Barrus Healthcare Inc.

August 15, 2017

RFP 2014-94-AK Employee Security Screening Services Sterling Talent Solution Canada Corp. June 12, 2017
RFP SP2016-64 Mental Health Services Vivian Sapirman May 23, 2017
SP 2016-94-SW Vendor of Record for ServiceNow Project Services KPMG LLP April 24, 2017

RFP 2016-17-LI

Application Maintenance & Project Services-

Wipro Solutions Canada Ltd.- Group A & B Services,  Accenture Inc. - Group B Services

March 23, 2017

RFP 2016-79-GR Office 365 Migration Long View Systems Corp. January 23, 2017
RFP 2016-18-BZ Assessment and Treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) University Health Network (Psychiatric and Psychology components) St. Joseph's Care Group (Psychology component only)  January 11, 2017
RFQ 2016-64-GR Hardware Maintenance & Support Services IBM Canada Ltd January 11, 2017

RFP SP 2016-60

Mass Notification Solution

ERMS Solutions Ltd.

January 10, 2017

RFP 2016-71-DF Employee Engagement Solution Towers Watson Canada Inc. December 21, 2016
RFQ SP 2016-76 End of Support Service for Unsupported IBM Software Products IBM Canada Ltd. December 16, 2016
RFQ SP 2016-72 Various Manufacturer's Maintenance & Support Services CDW Canada Inc., CM Inc., Support Soho Inc., MNP LLP, Binary Tree Inc., Core Security, Data Kinetics, GT Software Inc., Liberman Software Corp., Open Text Inc., Serena Software Inc., Rapid BI Consulting Inc., BMC Software, Blended Perspectives Inc., Youachieve.com Inc.  December 14, 2016
RFQ SP 2016-87 Various Manufacturer's Maintenance & Support Services(2nd RFQ) BMC Software Canada Inc., Renderx Inc., Serena Software Inc. Open Text Corp. December 14, 2016
RFP 2015-152 Commercial Print  DATA Communication Management Corp.  December 13, 2016

RFP 2015-126-CML

Eligibility Adjudicator Recruitment Assessment Tools and Online Interviewing Platform

SHL Canada Inc.

December 12, 2016

RFQ SP 2016-78 IBM International Passport Advantage Software Subscription, Maintenance & Support Services CDW Canada Inc. December 9, 2016
RFP 2016-65 Same Day Couier Services Secured Courier Limited November 1, 2016
RFQ SP 2016-73 Solarwinds Server & Application Monitor AL700 & Maintenance Services CDW Canada Inc. October 25, 2016
RFP 2016-15  Hearing Aids, Accessories & Hearing Assistive Technologies  Sonova Canada Inc. operating as Phonak Canada, Sivantos Inc., Audmet Canada Ltd., operating as Bernafon Canada October 25, 2016
RFP 2016-77 Board of Directors' Portal Aprio Inc. October 17, 2016
RFP 2016-82-KH Corporate Health Services and Pandemic Planning Acclaim Ability Management Ltd. December 13, 2016
RFP 2016-19-DR Online Search and Registration Services OnCorp Direct Inc. October 1, 2016
RFP 2015-158-MS Actuarial Services for Pension and Benefit Programs Towers Watson Canada Inc. October 1, 2016
RFP 2014-103-CML Dental File Reviews Dr. Shawn Steele (replacing Dr. Kolivaris) September 15, 2016
RFP 2016-32-KH Flu Clinic Services Extendicare (Canada) Inc. o/a ParaMed September 1, 2016
MGCS # OSS-00457979  Managed Print Services Ricoh Canada September 1, 2016
RFQS 2016-5 Low Back Physician Examiners Trillium Health Partners September 1, 2016
North York General Hospital
St. Joseph's Care Group
University Health Network
SOMA Medical Assessments Corporation
Dr. Joseph Massad
Dr. Edward M. Gardiner MD CCFP(EM) FCFP
Levine Medicine Professional Corporation
North York Rehabilitation Centre Corporation
Barrus Health Care Inc.
SCM Health Solutions LP, doing business as Sibley
Dr. Steven Radke
Todd Levy Medicine Professional Corporation
Dr. Eric Stuart Silver
Dr. Corey Tyler Birch
Dr. A. Kopyto Medicine Professional Corporation
Dr. Naila Karim
Dr. Peter Glazer
RFP 2016-66 Teleconferencing Services Facilis Inc. August 1, 2016
RFQ 2016-33-MQ Postage Meters & Mass Mail Processing Equipment Pitney Bowes of Canada August 1, 2016
RFP 2016-46-PM Systematic Review of Occupational Aluminum Exposure and Adverse Health Conditions Intrinsik Corporation August 1, 2016
RFP 2016-2-PM Governance Risk Compliance Tool-Implementation Services and License Fees Iceberg Network Corporation  August 22, 2016
RFQ 2016-84 Oracle Partitioning - Processor 2 Year Oracle Canada ULC July 19, 2016
RFQ 2016-85 K2 Production Server License - Unlimited Users Sourcecode North America, Inc. July 1, 2016
RFQ 2016-78-CA Annual Maintenance and Support of Saba Centra Software SABA Software Inc. July 1, 2016
RFQ 2016-69-CA Software Maintenance & Support for TIC TOC Software  Can Do Systems Inc. July 1, 2016
RFP 2015-153-PK Vendor of Record (VOR) Expert Drug Reviews North West Telepharmacy Solutions  July 1, 2016
Ontario Pharmacists Assoc. July 1, 2016
Risk Sciences International Inc. July 1, 2016
RFQ 2016-67-CA Symantec Protection Suite, Business Critical Services, {protection Engine Cloud Services Licenses and Software Subscription and Support Services Codework Inc. July 1, 2016
RFQ 2016-70-CA Annual Maintenance and Support of Khalix's Software Longview Solutions Canada ULC June 30, 2016
RFP 2015-164-CML Service Desk and Desktop Support (SDDS) CGI Information Systems and Management Consultants Inc. June 30, 2016
RFP 2015-150-PK Psychiatric Consulting Services Sibley  & Associates June 15, 2016
Dr. Craig A. Beach Medicine Professional Corp. July 18, 2016
RFP 2016-1-PM WSIB Rate Framework Modernization Project - Inception Phase Shore Consulting Group Inc. June 1, 2016
RFP 2015-136-MS Executive Search, Coaching & Outplacement Services - Note: Only Outplacement Services was contracted Right Management Inc. June 1, 2016
Hazell & Associates
Feldman Daxon Partners Inc.
Lee Hecht Harrison Knightsbridge Corp.
RFP  2016-4-KH WSIB Indexation Project Inception Phase  Digitalembrace Inc. June 1, 2016
RFP 2015-128-DF VOR Executive & Leadership Development Programs York University June 1, 2016
Richard Ivey School of Business June 1, 2016
RFP  2016-3-PM Labour Market and Economic Reports The Conference Board of Canada June 1, 2016
RFQ 2016-68-CA Symantec Security Education eLearning Program Licenses CDW Canada Inc. June 1, 2016
RFQ 2016-60-CA Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Bundles & Support for HP Onx Enterprise Solutions Ltd. May 1, 2016
RFQ 2016-53-CA Solarwinds Software Lic. & Maintenance Services Siliconlite Systems Inc. May 16, 2016
RFQ 2016-50-CA BM Integration Bus Processor Value Unit (PVU) License, Software Subscription and Support The KTL Group Inc. April 1, 2016
RFP 2016-37-RL. Executive Speechwriting Services Feschuk.Reid April 1, 2016
RFP 2015-232-DF Kolbe Training & IT Leadership Assessment Services Communica Inc. April 16, 2016
RFP 2016-36-MS Senior Strategic Procurement Officers Altis Human Resources Inc. April 21, 2016
RFP 2016-11-MS Procurement Fairness Advisory Services P1 Consulting  &   April 25, 2016
BDO Canada LLP
RFS 2015-177-PM Fairness Services - Using  MGCS - OSS  #00426611 Management Consulting Services VOR P1 Consulting April 25, 2016
RFQ 2016-30-CA Maintenance and Support for Lenovo Servers IBM Canada Ltd. March 9, 2016
RFP 2014-12-CML Modernization of Security Technology  Johnson Controls Canada LP  March 8, 2016
RFQ 2016-6-CA Maintenance and Support Services for Cognos Service Extension, IBM Service Extension (SE) - SE Various Products and IBM Temporary Transitional Support (TTS) IBM Canada Ltd. February 25, 2016
RFQ 2016-22 BMC Release Lifecycle Management Support Services BMC Software Canada Inc. February 22, 2016
RFQ 2016-21 Renewal of PSMA Level 2 Desktop - Premium Software Support and Maintenance SDL Global Solutions (Ireland) Ltd February 17, 2016
RFQ 2016-8-CA RenderX Software Maintenance and Support Services RenderX Inc. February 16, 2016
RFQ 2016-10-CA IBM Virtual Tape Technology Including One Year Maintenance and Support Services Novipro Inc. February 16, 2016
RFQ 2016-26-CA Parklane System Maintenance & Support Services Parklane Computer Systems February 1, 2016
RFP 2015-131-DF E-Learning “Off the Shelf” Courses Skillsoft Canada Ltd. January 29, 2016
RFP 2015-130-DF Executive Coaching and Executive and Leadership Assessments for Recruitment and Development Deloitte Inc., Right Management Inc. January 26, 2016
RFP 2015-36-MS Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Assessments Dr. A. Kopyto Medicine Professional Corporation, Nathania Liem Medicine Professional Corporation, North York General Hospital, St. Joseph’s Care Group, Woodstock General Hospital Trust, The Ottawa Hospital/L’Hopital d’Ottawa, University Health Network, Todd Levy Medicine Professional Corporation, Brent D. Wolfrom Medicine Professional Corporation January 25, 2016


Past procurement activities 


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