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Grants Program

Breakthroughs found in research and training can help dramatically improve health and safety in the workplace.

Our grants program is aimed at Canada’s best and brightest working on research or training around safe workplaces.

We believe supporting research and training can lead to breakthrough discoveries that will boost our health and safety programs in Ontario, and can be applied across the country and around the world.

Open call for long-term study on work-related injuries/illnesses

As part of our 2018 grants program we are now accepting research proposals for a longitudinal study on long-term outcomes for people who have suffered an injury or illness at work. This study will assess several factors that contribute to overall quality of life two years after this population of people return to work.

Deadline for proposal applications is Friday, August 31, 2018 at 4 p.m. EST.

Email grants@wsib.on.ca or call 416-344-4574 with any questions.

The 2019 grants program will open for proposals in early 2019

If you would like updates about our grants program, including future calls for proposals, please email grants@wsib.on.ca and we will add you to our email distribution list.

We will announce the 2018 grant recipients in fall 2018.

Previous grants program recipients:

Priority areas

The focus areas of our grants program are return to work and recovery and innovations in service.

Within these categories are the following priority areas:

Return to work & recovery

  • Vulnerable workers
  • Mental health
  • Mild traumatic brain injury
  • Occupational medicine
  • Emerging opportunities

Innovations in service

  • Technology
  • Partnerships

Selection process

We follow a rigorous and transparent proposal selection process for our grants program. We accept the following types of proposals: 

1. Research proposals

  • Expert research proposals that deliver practical results for the workplace safety and compensation system
  • Workplace-based projects that create partnerships between the workplace, researchers and organizations

2. Training proposals

  • Initiatives that help workers, employers and the workplace safety and compensation system solve long-standing barriers
  • Innovative opportunities that build capacity in the community and offer significant potential to improve system results

For more information review the 2018 grant proposal instructions (PDF).

Becoming a scientific peer reviewer

Apply your scientific expertise to help us evaluate and select proposals that will make a difference for the people and businesses of Ontario.

Email grants@wsib.on.ca or call 416-344-4574 to learn more about becoming a scientific peer reviewer.

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