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Grants Program

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The RAC program has been completed with 242 projects approved between 1999 and 2012.

Learn about the Research Advisory Council (RAC) Program.

2018 Grants competition is now open for proposals

The 2018 grants competition opened on Monday January 8, 2018. We will accept initial proposals until Tuesday, February 20, 2018. This page gives information about our grant priority areas and proposal selections process, proposal instructions, and the grants application form.

If you would like updates about the WSIB Grants Program, including future calls for proposals, please email grants@wsib.on.ca and we will add you to our outreach distribution list.

Grants priority areas

The central areas of focus of the 2018 WSIB Grants Program are Return to Work and Recovery, and Innovations in Service. Within these categories, the WSIB has identified the following priority areas:

Return to work & recovery

  • Vulnerable workers
  • Mental health
  • Mild traumatic brain injury
  • Occupational medicine
  • Emerging opportunities

Innovations in service

  • Technology
  • Partnerships

Please review the 2018 Grants Agenda (PDF) for more information on priority areas and topics of interest.

Download the WSIB Grants Program application form (PDF).

Grants Program

We're committed to providing exceptional programs and services to the people and businesses of Ontario. The objective of the WSIB Grants Program is to enhance workers’ compensation system outcomes by supporting innovative proposals that are aligned to our strategic mandate. The program accomplishes this through highly practical, expert research studies and training initiatives delivered by professional individuals and organizations that address current and emerging challenges, and strengthen Ontario's workers' compensation system now and in the future.

Proposal selection process

The Grants Program involves a rigorous and transparent proposal selection process. We accept the following types of proposals:

1. Research proposals

  • Expert research proposals that deliver practical results for the workers’ compensation system
  • Workplace-based projects that establish partnerships between the workplace, researchers and organizations.

2. Training proposals

  • Initiatives that help workers, employers and the compensation system resolve long-standing barriers
  • Innovative opportunities that build capacity in the community and offer significant potential to improve compensation system results.

Please review the Proposal Instructions (PDF) for more information.

Initial Proposal Deadline: February 20, 2018

2017 Grant awards

Six researchers have been awarded funding to conduct studies that will improve return-to-work and recovery outcomes for people who were injured or made ill at work.

Each proposal addresses a key area of opportunity for the WSIB and directly supports our vision of being the leading workplace compensation board.

Read about the 2017 researchers and their funded projects.

Interested in becoming a scientific peer reviewer?

Apply your scientific expertise to help us evaluate and select proposals that will make a difference for the people and businesses of Ontario.

Please email grants@wsib.on.ca or call 416-344-4574 to learn more about becoming a scientific peer reviewer.
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