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2016-2018 Strategic Plan




WSIB Mandate

In a financially responsible and accountable manner:

  • Promote health and safety in the workplace.
  • Facilitate return-to-work, recovery and work transition of workers who sustain a work-related injury or occupational disease.
  • Provide compensation and other benefits where return-to-work cannot be achieved.


Vision: To be the leading workplace compensation board

Achieving our vision will require collaboration, consultation and partnership. Together we are creating a better WSIB for those we serve.

Values: Trust, Fairness, Integrity

The WSIB must be accountable to our stakeholders by demonstrating transparency in our actions and service excellence in our performance.

Value proposition: Getting you back to what matters

The WSIB is committed to providing timely, efficient and quality services that enable employers to get back to business and support injured workers in recovery and returning to their work and lives.

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infographic for 5,000,000+ workers covered, 290,000+ employers covered

For the past 100 years, the WSIB has provided workplace insurance to Ontario’s workers and employers. Since our founding, we have become one of the largest insurance organizations in North America, delivering services to more than five million workers and 290,000 employers. Every year we receive around 240,000 claims for workers and collect over $4 billion in premium revenue from employers. The WSIB is entirely funded by employer premiums and administered as an independent trust agency.

We are committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of workers and employers by adhering to fairness, integrity and professionalism in all we do. Strengthened by a renewed confidence, we are ready to face new challenges over the next three years with our 2016-2018 Strategic Plan.


2016-2018 Strategic Framework

Meredith Principles

The foundation for all Canadian workplace compensation systems;

  • No-fault compensation
  • Collective liability
  • Security of payment
  • Exclusive jurisdiction
  • Independent board



Vision: To be the leading workplace compensation board

Values : Trust, Fairness, Integrity

Value proposition: Getting you back to what matters

Promote health and safety in Ontario workplaces.
Achieve better return-to-work and recovery outcomes and administer benefits fairly.
Eliminate the Unfunded Liability and make Ontario’s workers’ compensation system financially sustainable.
Deliver service excellence, quality and care through innovation.
Reach shared goals as a dedicated and collaborative team.

Building Trust & Confidence

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Tomorrow's WSIB



UFL reduced by $5.2 Billion, 92% of injured workers are back to work within 12 mnths with no wage loss, 93% of claims decisions made within 2 weeks

The WSIB has achieved impressive results in recent years by working together with workers and employers. Today, 92 per cent of injured workers are back to work within 12 months with no wage loss. We are making faster eligibility decisions, allowing us to focus on workers with injuries that require specialized care so workers can get back to work safely and at full wages. Satisfaction ratings for our customer services are the highest they have been for some time. These accomplishments have been supported through initiatives such as:

  • Strengthened recovery and return-to-work effort based on a “better at work” philosophy.
  • Enhanced medical strategy involving an integrated province-wide network of expert, specialized medical assessment and treatment services.
  • Raised WSIB revenues to levels required to meet costs.
  • Diversified investment portfolio to better withstand volatility in the market.
  • Leading practices to mitigate risk and to report on our business performance.

Our continued commitment to improve outcomes for workers and employers, and to build financial resiliency of the system, are reflected in our strategic framework themes: Health & Safety; Return-to-Work, Recovery & Fair Benefits; Financial Sustainability; Innovation; and Our People.

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Health and Safety icon showing a safety vest

Health & Safety

Promote health and safety in Ontario workplaces

The WSIB is dedicated to a culture of health and safety through the prevention of workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

As a key partner, the WSIB actively supports Ontario’s health and safety system through the development of a new rate framework that is responsive to workplace health and safety outcomes and encourages proactive efforts to reduce workplace injuries and improve return to work outcomes.

We will leverage data analytics to create a Health and Safety Index which reflects Ontario’s health and safety performance.


Promote strategies to prevent fatalities, injuries and illnesses in Ontario workplaces.



Strengthen integration within the occupational health and safety system through community partnerships and engagement.

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Return to Work icon showing a person walking through an open door

Return-to-Work, Recovery and Fair Benefits

Achieve better return-to-work and recovery outcomes and administer benefits fairly

Return-to-work and recovery outcomes in Ontario are the best in the country. The WSIB actively supports workers through an integrated return-to-work and recovery approach that includes quality and timely medical care.

We will assess the effectiveness of our integrated health care programs which is essential to “Better at Work” results.


Advance return-to-work and recovery programs and administer benefits fairly.



Improve the integration of medical services and health care programs through focused partnerships.

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Financial Sustainability icon showing a hand holding a dollar sign that sprouts a leaf

Financial Sustainability

Eliminate the Unfunded Liability and make Ontario’s workers’ compensation system financially sustainable

WSIB is committed to the elimination of the unfunded liability. A financially sustainable system means workers and employers can rely on the WSIB for fair benefits and stable premiums.

The WSIB’s Sufficiency Ratio, which measures how much of our current and future costs the WSIB can cover, is a key indicator of our progress towards financial sustainability.


Ensure that premium revenues cover costs and benefits are sustainable while implementing a transparent rate setting framework.



Ensure that the investment strategy improves funding resiliency while implementing asset pooling.

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Innovation icon showing a lightbulb going on


Deliver service excellence, quality and care through innovation

Innovation at the WSIB is about continuously improving what we do to achieve better outcomes for injured workers and employers.

Through our people, processes and technology, we will champion innovative and evidence-based approaches to drive better programs and services.


Make focused investments in technology and programs to maximize outcomes and the quality of services we deliver to workers and employers.



Drive improved efficiencies and prioritization of resources throughout the organization.


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Our People icon showing a group of people

Our People

Reach shared goals as a dedicated and collaborative team

Focusing on the capabilities of our team will ensure workers and employers are receiving the services they need to achieve the best possible outcomes. The WSIB recognizes organizational success depends upon accountable and engaged employees.

We will ensure plans are in place for leadership development and continuity.


Attract and retain engaged, accountable and skilled employees who deliver high quality service to workers, employers and our stakeholders.



Ensure organizational stability through succession management and development and continuity of corporate knowledge.

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Building Trust and Confidence: WSIB Getting you back to what matters

The 2016 – 2018 Strategic Plan balances responsible stewardship of the compensation system with bold objectives to improve outcomes, accountability and sustainability.

Through a more open and collaborative partnership with those we serve, we will earn trust and build confidence in our system.

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