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New employer’s guide to the WSIB


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Welcome to the WSIB

On behalf of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), we would like to welcome you, and thank you for registering for workplace insurance coverage.

You’ll find information on this page that will help you get started with the WSIB. If you need more information, or have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-387-0750 (TTY: 1-800-387-0050).


What is the WSIB?

The WSIB is an independent trust agency that administers compensation and no-fault insurance for Ontario workplaces. We are committed to delivering what matters to the workers and employers of Ontario: fast, accessible service and fair benefits at a fair price.


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What coverage does the WSIB provide?

Employers pay premiums in exchange for workplace insurance, which means different things to workers and to employers.

For employers it means:
With WSIB coverage, you generally don’t need to worry about being sued by your covered workers. You get affordable workplace insurance you can rely on to protect you and your workers. The WSIB works for you by providing guaranteed no-fault workplace insurance that protects you from costly court settlements and provides services and support when you need it.

For workers it means:

Depending on the situation, the WSIB may provide:

  • Loss of earnings benefits
  • Support getting them safely back to work. This can include working with you and your worker to adjust their duties, or paying for them to go to school to learn new skills if they can’t return to their original job
  • Coverage for health care costs


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Getting started

Managing your account

Now that you have registered with the WSIB, there are a few things that you’ll need to do to get started:

Take note of your reporting frequency and premium reporting due date

It’s important that you pay your premiums accurately and on time, because it can save your business time and money. We recommend that you use our ePremium online service for help with calculating and reporting your premiums – it’s the fastest, easiest way to accurately report.

Please note: If you pay your premiums in US currency ($US), you must report the Canadian dollar equivalent when reporting your premiums.

Keep us updated

It is really important that you let the WSIB know of any changes to your business (like changing your address, phone number, the type of work your business does, legal or business name, or if you stop employing all of your workers) within 10 calendar days of making the change.

This will help us to:

  • Protect your privacy (to ensure that we’re sending mail to the correct address and company)
  • Help avoid potential penalties that may arise as a result of incorrect account details


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eWSIB online services

At the WSIB, we’re always looking for ways to make it faster, easier and more efficient for you to do business with us. That’s why we created eWSIB, our suite of free online services that are available 24/7, whenever you need them. You can sign up for all, or even just one of our online services.

Here’s a brief description of each service, and how they can help you save time and money.


Accurately calculate and then report your payroll and premium information in real time. You can review transactions and check premium updates any time.


View, print or download your WSIB statements within 24 hours of issuance so you have them whenever you need them.


Use credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or debit (Interac Online) for instant confirmation of payment to help you manage Clearances and avoid late fees.

*Note: There is a service charge for using MasterCard or Visa. This service charge does not go to the WSIB. It goes to our payment provider, Paymentus.


Submit your report of injury or illness online – you can also upload and attach medical documents to your electronic file.


Go online to create a Clearance, manage your list of Clearances, check to see if a Clearance is still valid, or view your account status.

eClearance mobile:

Use your smart phone to create and check Clearances from anywhere.


Download a current status of your firm’s health and safety record and costs (a Workplace Injury Summary Report) for bidding on new contracts.

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Your health and safety obligations

You and your employees all have an important role to play in ensuring that your workplace is safe, and meeting the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requirements.

Mandatory training

Under the OHSA, every worker and supervisor is required to undergo health and safety awareness training. There are a few ways you can access information and training:


  • Through the Ministry of Labour – for information, visit www.labour.gov.on.ca and search for ‘Health and Safety Awareness’
  • Through the WSIB - no matter the size of your business, the WSIB has a health and safety program that can help you make your workplace safer and improve your bottom line. For more information please visit the employer health and safety page
  • Your local Health and Safety Association (HSA) may also have free tools and resources.

First aid

All employers covered by the WSIB are required to have first aid equipment and trained workers in all workplaces. For more information about your obligations, please visit our First Aid program page


Hang your posters

You are required by law to hang the WSIB “In Case of Injury at Work – 1234” poster, near your first aid station. You can download a PDF version of the poster (PDF), while you wait for your printed version to arrive in the mail.


The Ministry of Labour also requires that you post the mandatory “Health and Safety at Work: Prevention Starts Here” poster. You can download this poster from the Ministry’s Health and Safety page
the mandatory “Health and Safety at Work:  Prevention Starts Here” poster



There are a number of key WSIB-related words that you will encounter while doing business with us – here a few to start you off:

Workplace Safety and Insurance Act 1997 (WSIA) is the provincial Act that governs the workplace safety and insurance system in Ontario, and only the government can make changes to it. The WSIB is responsible for implementing and enforcing the WSIA.

Premiums are the fees that employers pay in exchange for WSIB coverage. The WSIB is funded by employer premiums; not tax dollars.

Form 7 is the form an employer needs to fill out and submit within 3 days of a workplace injury. You can fill the form out online, using our eForm7 online service, call us to fill one out over the phone, or submit a hard copy by fax or mail.

Clearance certificates are provided for free by the WSIB. They’re used to prove that you are registered with the WSIB, and that your account is in good standing. Customers (also called ‘principals’), often ask contractors to provide a Clearance because it clears them of financial liability, and ensures that they won’t be held responsible for their contractor’s WSIB payments.

Please note: While the WSIB recommends that everyone use Clearances to protect themselves against financial liability, they are mandatory if you are a construction contractor, or will be hiring one. 

Employer business information sharing
The WSIB exchanges information with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in an effort to ensure that all employers in Ontario are appropriately registered, and are meeting their reporting obligations.

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