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Vendor code of conduct

The WSIB has established principles to ensure that, at all times, working conditions in its own Vendor network are safe and workers are treated with dignity and respect, and that business operations are conducted in a lawful, ethical, and environmentally-conscious way. 

All WSIB Vendors are expected to acknowledge and agree to act in alignment with WSIB’s values, principles, policies and standards, and act consistently with this Code of Conduct by:

  • ensuring they and their staff are familiar with The WSIB’s Code of Business Ethics and Behaviour, act consistently with it, and do not contribute to its breach by a WSIB or vendor employee or related party;
  • ensuring their business operations comply with the laws, statutes and regulations of each jurisdiction in which they operate;
  • committing to the ethical and responsible treatment of all individuals within their own network, including with respect to workplace health and safety, employment standards, labour regulation, compensation non-discrimination, and human rights;
  • conducting business in an environmentally-responsible way;
  • ensuring that their sourcing of goods and services in no way directly or indirectly results in non-compliance with this Code of Conduct, and that their own Vendors and Sub-Contractors conduct business in compliance with all applicable laws and consistently with this Code of Conduct.
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