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New WSIB FAQ videos

The WSIB has started creating short FAQ videos to help answer the questions we receive most often.

Our latest video ‘What’s a Clearance certificate?’ is now available!

It’s a great resource for anyone who hires companies to do work for them (principles), or is hired to do work for a client (contractor) – you’ll find links to it throughout the site, as well below, alongside our other FAQ videos.

What is a Clearance certificate?

What’s the Difference between a Principal and a Contractor?

We plan on making more FAQ videos, and we’d like to know what subjects you’d like to see covered in an FAQ video.

So, if you have a question that you think can be answered in a short video, or if there’s a subject you think would be helpful for employers or injured workers who are new to the WSIB, please send an email to Communications@wsib.on.ca and let us know!
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