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Health and Safety Index

How safe are Ontario’s workplaces and are they getting safer?

The Health and Safety Index is designed to answer that simple question.

It all comes down to a single measure.

That measure will show at a glance how overall workplace health and safety changes in Ontario from year to year.

The Health and Safety Index will also tell us where we need to focus our efforts to make workers and workplaces healthier and safer.

How it all adds up

The components are scored based on workplace health and safety data covering almost every sector of Ontario’s economy. Each component is weighted in relation to the others, and the five scores are added up to reach the single index measure.

The Index will track yearly change in Ontario’s overall workplace health and safety, and will be updated annually.

Because some index data did not exist before 2016, overall change from 2016 to 2017 cannot be measured, so the first single index number will be published in 2018.

For details about the methodology and rationale behind the index, please read the Technical Paper (PDF).

Weights were derived from the data that had been collected to date. In accordance with best practice, weighting will be recalculated prior to launch in 2018.


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