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Rate Framework Policy Consultation

We have completed the rate framework policy consultations. We are reviewing the submissions below and working towards finalizing these policies to support the implementation of the rate framework. Final policies and a consultation summary will be posted to this webpage in the coming weeks. The WSIB thanks all stakeholders who participated in the policy consultation.

December 21, 2017 Interim Update: Since the launch of the rate framework policy consultation on August 14, 2017, the WSIB has received valuable feedback from stakeholders on the draft policies. In response to that feedback, we are providing an interim update (PDF) on some key changes we are considering that stakeholders should consider in developing their submissions for the close of consultation on January 15, 2018.

In November 2016, following a multi-year preparatory initiative and extensive stakeholder consultations, the WSIB’s Board of Directors approved the rate framework (PDF) and the amended Regulation (O. Reg. 175/98) under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997. The amended regulation has since been approved by the Ontario government.

We have developed seven draft policies to support the implementation of the rate framework and committed to publishing the final policies at least one year before implementation.

The policies include features of the rate framework that have been shared with stakeholders already, such as the rate framework’s classification structure and premium rate setting methods.

Certain rate framework features, such as limited consideration for allowing employers to carry more than one premium rate, have been further detailed with the specifics of the assignment of one or more premium rates. Those aspects in the policies are accompanied by questions for which we are inviting stakeholder input.

We will engage stakeholders about transitioning employers to the rate framework separately from the consultation on these draft policies.

Although we are introducing some new policies, we are reducing the overall number of them:

  • The current six classification policies will be reduced to four (including a separate policy for temporary employment agencies), and
  • The existing six employer premium adjustments and experience rating policies will be reduced to three.
To take part in this consultation, please review the consultation materials below, and provide your feedback to the consultation_secretariat@wsib.on.ca by January 15, 2018 (Note: originally scheduled to end on October 13, 2017).

Consultation Materials:

Policy Background Information/Discussion Questions Draft Policy
Coverage Status

Coverage Status Policy Background Information (PDF)

Draft Coverage Status Policy (PDF)

The Classification Structure

The Classification Structure Policy Background Information (PDF)

Draft The Classification Structure Policy (PDF)

Eligibility for Single or Multiple Premium Rates

Eligibility for Single or Multiple Premium Rates Policy Background Information (PDF)

Draft Eligibility for Single or Multiple Premium Rates Policy (PDF)

Associated Employers

Associated Employers Policy Background Information (PDF)

Draft Associated Employers Policy (PDF)

Temporary Employment Agencies

Temporary Employment Agencies Policy Background Information (PDF)

Draft Temporary Employment Agencies Policy (PDF)

Employer Level Premium Rate Setting

Employer Level Premium Rate Setting Policy Background Information (PDF)

Draft Employer Level Premium Rate Setting Policy (PDF)

Employer Premium Adjustments

Employer Premium Adjustments Policy Background Information (PDF)

Draft Employer Premium Adjustments Policy (PDF)

Your privacy matters

The WSIB may post written or emailed submissions with respondents’ names on our website. By submitting recommendations to a public and transparent consultation process, respondents agreed to the WSIB making public the content that they submitted, and to our Terms of Use.

The WSIB advises against providing, and will not publish, any e-mailed or written submissions containing personal information.

Questions and Answers:

Q.  What is the rate framework?

A.  The rate framework is an innovative rate setting structure intended to increase the transparency of the premium rate setting process to better align employer premium rates with actual costs of the system. The rate framework will change the way Schedule 1 employers are classified, and how premium rates are set and adjusted. The rate framework includes:

  • a streamlined and simpler classification structure
  • a fairer allocation of premiums for workplace coverage
  • a premium rate that offers a better balance of employer claims experience and collective liability, providing an incentive for sustained occupational health and safety efforts.

Read more about the rate framework modernization.

Q.  How is the rate framework different from the current employer classification, premium rate setting and experience rating programs?

A.  We are changing the classification structure from the current one based on the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS).

We are adopting a prospective risk-adjusted premium rate setting process that better reflects individual employers’ claims experience and replaces the existing experience rating programs.

Q.  How will the rate framework affect businesses and the premium rates they pay?

A.  As an employer, the premium rate you pay for WSIB coverage may change gradually based on your claims experience. Any changes to your rates will be phased over time to allow you to adjust to the new rate. 

We are committed to including employers in the transition to ensure you are prepared for the coming changes and have the information you need as we move toward implementation.

Q.  What is happening to the current Rate Group 755: Non-Exempt Partners and Executive Officers in Construction?

A. The rate framework does not include special exceptions in the rate setting process for non-exempt partners and executive officers in construction. The WSIB and the government continue to assess the issue of non-exempt partners and executive officers in construction.

Q.  Will the rate framework allow for multiple premium rates for separate business activities?

A. Yes, but only when certain criteria are met. This policy consultation is requesting your feedback on the draft policy that sets out these criteria. More details can be found in the Draft Eligibility for Single or Multiple Premium Rates Policy (PDF) and the related background document (PDF).

Q.  How do these policy changes affect temporary employment agencies and their use by client employers?

A. Temporary employment agencies will be required to separate out their payroll according to the client employers to which they supply workers. Premium rates will be associated with each industry class and subclass to which they supply workers. This means the premium rates they pay will be more aligned with those of their client employers.

Q.  Where should I direct any other questions I may have about the rate framework or the consultation?

A. Please email any further questions you may have to consultation_secretariat@wsib.on.ca.

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