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Operational policy manual

This manual is the source of operational policy for the WSIB. It contains such matters of policy and law as:

  • Worker coverage, filing claims
  • Benefits, work reintegration
  • Employer coverage, premiums, experience rating
  • Health care, occupational diseases

Operational Policy Manual User Guide

Revised policies: Consequential and housekeeping policy revisions related to indexation and benefit calculations
12-04-04, Individuals on Unpaid Training PlacementsFebruary 1, 2018Revised policy
12-04-07, Students in Work Education ProgramsFebruary 1, 2018Revised policy
12-04-13, ApprenticesFebruary 1, 2018Revised policy
15-02-05, RecurrencesFebruary 1, 2018Revised policy
15-06-06, Incarcerated WorkersFebruary 1, 2018Revised policy
18-02-09, Determining Average Earnings - Periodic Payments for SurvivorsFebruary 1, 2018Revised policy
18-04-10, Calculating FEL for Students, Learners, and ApprenticesFebruary 1, 2018Revised policy
18-05-04, Calculating NEL BenefitsFebruary 1, 2018Revised policy
18-05-09, NEL RedeterminationsFebruary 1, 2018Revised policy
18-06-06, Individuals on Unpaid Training Placements - Temporary Disability BenefitsFebruary 1, 2018Revised policy
18-07-06, Lump Sum (Commutations)February 1, 2018Revised policy
New policy: To reflect legislative amendments regarding chronic mental stress
15-03-14, Chronic Mental StressJanuary 2, 2018New policy
Revised policy: Consequential changes from legislative amendments regarding chronic mental stress
15-03-02, Traumatic Mental StressJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
New and revised policies: Changes related to indexation and benefit calculations
18-01-14, Annual IndexingJanuary 2, 2018New policy
18-02-07, Calculating Net Average EarningsJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
18-03-02, Payment and Reviewing LOE Benefits (Prior to Final Review)January 2, 2018Revised policy
18-03-06, Final LOE Benefit ReviewJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
18-04-05, Initial Determination – Workers Who are Earning at Time of DeterminationJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
18-04-06, Initial Determination – Where Suitable Occupation has been DeterminedJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
18-04-11, Supplements for Programs and Work Reintegration Activities Before and After 24 MonthsJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
18-04-12, Supplement Following Significant DeteriorationJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
18-04-18, FEL: Changes to Net Exemption CodeJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
18-04-20, Final FEL Benefit ReviewJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
18-06-01, Calculating Temporary Total Disability Benefits (Accidents between 1985 and 1998)January 2, 2018Revised policy
18-06-02, Calculating Temporary Partial Disability Benefits (Accidents between 1985 and 1998)January 2, 2018Revised policy
18-06-04, Most Recent Earnings for RecurrencesJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
18-07-04, Calculating Permanent Disability BenefitsJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
18-07-05, ArrearsJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
18-07-08, Payments to DependantsJanuary 2, 2018Deleted policy
18-07-09, Section 147(14)-$200 Additional Amount (Permanent Disability)January 2, 2018Revised policy
18-07-10, Sections 147(2) and 147(4) Supplements (Permanent Disability)January 2, 2018Revised policy
20-03-03, Calculating CPP/QPP Offsets from Survivors’ BenefitsJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
20-03-04, Spouse with No ChildrenJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
20-03-06, Spouse with One or More childrenJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
20-03-07, Spouse and Children Not Living TogetherJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
20-03-09, Apportionment of Survivors’ BenefitsJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
20-03-10, Children and No SpouseJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
20-03-11, Children Cared for by Parent or Other PersonJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
20-03-12, Child 19 Years or Older Continuing in EducationJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
20-03-14, Other DependentsJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
20-03-16, Payments to DependentsJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
Revised policy: 2018 Benefit Rates
18-01-05, Table of RatesJanuary 2, 2018Revised policy
Updated policies: Changes related to offences and penalties, and employer accident reporting
15-01-02, Employers’ Initial Accident-Reporting ObligationsJanuary 2, 2018Updated policy
22-01-05, Offences and Penalties – GeneralJanuary 2, 2018Updated policy
22-01-06, Offences and Penalties – External Suppliers of Goods and ServicesJanuary 2, 2018Updated policy
22-01-07, Offences and Penalties – WorkerJanuary 2, 2018Updated policy
22-01-08, Offences and Penalties – EmployerJanuary 2, 2018Updated policy
Updated policies: Changes to reflect pilot cars addition to Interjurisdictional Agreement
14-02-09, Insurable Earnings – Drivers in the Transportation IndustryJanuary 2, 2018Updated policy
14-02-12, Insurable Earnings – Interjurisdictional AgreementJanuary 2, 2018Updated policy
14-02-13, Alternative Assessment Procedure for Interjurisdictional Trucking & Transport IndustryJanuary 2, 2018Updated policy
15-01-11, Interjurisdictional AgreementJanuary 2, 2018Updated policy
Revised policy: Revised to more closely reflect the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)
21-01-01, Access to Employer InformationOctober 10, 2017Revised policy
Deleted policy
16-01-10, Occupational Aluminum Exposure, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Neurologic Effects

Rescinded June 16, 2017

Removed from OPM August 17, 2017

Deleted policy
Updated policy: Policy revision related to Schedule 2 administration rate
12-01-04, Schedules 1 & 2June 1, 2017Updated document
Updated policy: Updated to reflect revised hearing devices program
17-07-04, Hearing DevicesJanuary 3, 2017Updated document
Revised policies: 2017 Benefit Rates
18-01-02, Benefit Dollar Amounts - Accidents from 1998January 3, 2017Revised document
18-01-03, Benefit Dollar Amounts - Accidents before 1998January 3, 2017Revised document
18-01-05, Table of RatesJanuary 3, 2017Revised document
Updated policy: Updated to align with regulatory changes to presumptive coverage
23-02-01, Cancers in Firefighters and Fire InvestigatorsJanuary 3, 2017Updated document

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