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Operational policy manual

This manual is the source of operational policy for the WSIB. It contains such matters of policy and law as:

  • Worker coverage, filing claims
  • Benefits, work reintegration
  • Employer coverage, premiums, experience rating
  • Health care, occupational diseases

Operational Policy Manual User Guide

Updated policy: Updated to align with regulatory changes to presumptive coverage
23-02-01, Cancers in Firefighters and Fire InvestigatorsJuly 7, 2014Updated document
Revised policies: Changes to Voluntary Registration policies to align with WSIB compliance strategy
14-02-06, Employer Premium AdjustmentsFebruary 3, 2014Revised document
14-02-15, Voluntary RegistrationFebruary 3, 2014Revised document
Updated policies
18-01-02, Benefit Dollar Amounts - Accidents from 1998February 3, 2014Updated document
18-01-03, Benefit Dollar Amounts - Accidents before 1998February 3, 2014Updated document
Revised and deleted policies: Housekeeping policy revisions related to Bill 119
12-01-06, Expanded Compulsory Coverage in ConstructionJanuary 2, 2014Revised
14-02-19, Clearance Certificate in ConstructionJanuary 2, 2014Revised
22-01-05, Offences and Penalties - GeneralJanuary 2, 2014Revised
22-01-06, Offences and Penalties - External Suppliers of Goods and ServicesJanuary 2, 2014Revised
22-01-07, Offences and Penalties - WorkerJanuary 2, 2014Revised
22-01-08, Offences and Penalties - EmployerJanuary 2, 2014Revised
22-01-10, Offences and Penalties - For Compulsory Coverage in ConstructionJanuary 2, 2014Deleted
Revised policies: Changes due to Interjurisdictional Agreement clarifications regarding Alternative Assessment Procedure
14-02-09, Insurable Earnings - Drivers in the Transportation IndustryJanuary 2, 2014Revised
14-02-12, Insurable Earnings - Interjurisdictional AgreementJanuary 2, 2014Revised
14-02-13, Alternative Assessment Procedure for Interjurisdictional Trucking & Transport IndustryJanuary 2, 2014Revised
15-01-11, Interjurisdictional AgreementJanuary 2, 2014Revised
Revised policy: 2014 Benefit Rates (Annual Rate Review)
18-01-05, Table of RatesJanuary 2, 2014Revised
Revised policies: Annual housekeeping
12-04-02, Volunteer ForcesJanuary 2, 2014Revised
14-01-01, The Classification SchemeJanuary 2, 2014Revised
14-01-03, Segregated PayrollsJanuary 2, 2014Revised
14-01-04, Aggregated PayrollJanuary 2, 2014Revised
14-02-04, Clearance CertificateJanuary 2, 2014Revised
14-04-02, Security for PaymentJanuary 2, 2014Revised
Revised policies: Housekeeping changes to employer billing policies to support the deletion of the Premium Frequency policy
14-02-02, RegistrationNovember 4, 2013Revised document
14-03-06, Minimum PremiumNovember 4, 2013Revised document
14-03-07, Premium FrequencyNovember 4, 2013Deleted document
14-03-08, Pre-payment of PremiumNovember 4, 2013Revised document
14-03-09, Premium RemittanceNovember 4, 2013Revised document

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