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Employer classification manual

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Rate group table
Class A: Forest products
Class B: Mining and related industries
Class C: Other primary industries
Class D: Manufacturing
Class E: Transportation and storage
Class F: Retail and Wholesale trades
Class G: Construction
Class H: Government and Related services
Class I: Other services

Class D: Manufacturing

    207: Meat and Fish Products

    210: Poultry Products

    214: Fruit and Vegetable Products

    216: Dairy Products

    220: Other Bakery Products

    222: Confectionery

    223: Biscuits, Snack Foods, and Other Food Products

    226: Crushed and Ground Foods

    230: Alcoholic Beverages

    231: Soft Drinks

    238: Other Rubber Products

    258: Foamed and Expanded Plastic Products

    261: Plastic Film and Sheeting

    263: Other Plastic Products

    289: Cloth, Carpets, and Textile Products

    301: Clothing, Fibre, and Yarn

    308: Millwork and Other Wood Industries

    311:Wooden Cabinets

    312: Wooden Boxes and Pallets

    322: Upholstered Furniture

    323: Metal Furniture

    325: Wooden and Other Non-metal Furniture

    328: Furniture Parts and Fixtures

    333: Printing Platemaking and Binding

    335: Publishing

    338: Folding Carton

    341: Paper Products

    352: Steel and Other Smelting and Refining Industries

    358: Foundries

    361: Non-ferrous Metal Industries

    374: Doors and Windows

    375: Structural and Architectural Products

    377: Coating of Metal Products

    379: Hardware, Tools, and Cutlery

    382: Metal Dies, Moulds, and Patterns

    383: Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Equipment

    385: Machine Shops

    387: Other Metal Fabricating Industries

    389: Metal Closures and Containers

    390: Other Stamped and Pressed Metal Products

    393: Wire Products

    402: Major Appliances and Transmission Equipment

    403: Other Machinery and Equipment

    406: Elevators and Escalators

    408: Boilers, Pumps, and Fans

    411: Agricultural , Construction, and Mining Machinery

    417: Aircraft and Aircraft Parts

    419: Motor Vehicle Assembly

    420: Motor Vehicle Engines and Parts

    421: Other Motor Vehicle Parts and Equipment

    424: Motor Vehicle Stampings

    425: Motor Vehicle Wheels and Brakes

    428: Motor Vehicle Fabric Accessories

    432: Trucks, Buses, and Trailers

    442: Railroad Rolling Stock

    460: Lighting and Small Electrical Appliances

    466: Communication and Energy Wire Products

    468: Electronic Equipment and Other Communication Devices

    477: Industrial Electrical Equipment

    485: Bricks, Ceramics, and Abrasives

    496: Concrete Products

    497: Ready-mix Concrete

    501: Non-metallic Mineral Products

    502: Glass Products

    507: Petroleum and Coal Products

    512 Resins, Paint, Ink, and Adhesives

    514: Pharmaceuticals and Medicines

    517: Soap and Toiletries

    524: Chemical Industries

    529: Jewellery and Instruments

    533: Signs and Displays

    538: Sporting Goods and Toys

    542: Other Manufactured Products

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