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Class A: Forest products
Class B: Mining and related industries
Class C: Other primary industries
Class D: Manufacturing
Class E: Transportation and storage
Class F: Retail and Wholesale trades
Class G: Construction
Class H: Government and Related services
Class I: Other services

Other Mines, Contracting Amendment/06

Class B: Mining and related industries
Application Date
January 1, 2008
119: Other Mines
0921-300 : Other Mines, Contracting Amendment/06
Document No.


Compulsory under Schedule 1


Business activities include taking contracts to perform work for all mining industries except gold mining and nickel mining. The work includes prospect or test drilling, mine contracting, and diamond drilling.

This category includes activities such as

  • cross-cutting
  • draining and pumping mines (dewatering)
  • drifting
  • overburden removal for mines
  • shaft sinking.

Also included is the incidental removal of ore from the mines during development. 

Excluded is oil or gas drilling on contract.


All business activities carried out underground on contract for the mining industry are considered mining activities with the exception of business activities falling under the Class G (Construction) classification units that include special operations as defined by Section 8 of Ontario Regulation 175/98.

Cross reference

B-110-02, Gold Mines, Contracting.
B-113-02, Nickel Mines, Contracting.
B-119-14, Contract Drilling, Oil and Gas.
B-119-17, Other Services Incidental to Mining.
C-190-05, Water Well Drilling.
G-704-02, Testing, Inspection, and Related Services.

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