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Class A: Forest products
Class B: Mining and related industries
Class C: Other primary industries
Class D: Manufacturing
Class E: Transportation and storage
Class F: Retail and Wholesale trades
Class G: Construction
Class H: Government and Related services
Class I: Other services

Plaster, Drywall, and Acoustical Work Amendment/06

Class G: Construction
Application Date
January 1, 2006
719: Inside Finishing
4271-099 : Plaster, Drywall, and Acoustical Work Amendment/06
Document No.


Compulsory under Schedule 1


Business activities include

  • installation, application, and maintenance of panels, tiles, and other materials to interior walls and ceilings
  • installation and repair of interior and exterior plaster or stucco, including related lathing material
  • installation of drywall sheets or panels, including related taping of joints, sanding, stippling, and other drywall finishing or repair
  • interior finishing trade work which is not elsewhere classified.

This also includes the installation of

  • acoustical ceiling tiles
  • acoustical foam
  • acoustical suspended ceilings
  • acoustical wall panels
  • gypsum wallboard
  • fresco work (decorative plaster finishing)
  • lath
  • sheetrock (dry wallboard)
  • sound proofing, panels or tiles
  • stucco.

Also included is the installation of non-structural interior metal or wood framing and studs (commonly referred to as "interior wall systems") for industrial, commercial and institutional construction, and for residential construction which is more than 3 storeys above grade. 

Also included in this classification unit is the supply of drywall and plastering labour to any industry.


The installation of structural metal and wood framing and studs for residential construction which is 3 storeys or less above grade is included in G-764-03

A structural wall, partition, or support is any such building component that is weight-bearing or contributes to the structural integrity of the building. 

For information on classifying construction work by contract, see the section titled "Classification of Construction Activities" in The Classification Scheme, document 14-01-01, located in the Operational Policy Manual and in the Reference section of this Manual.

Cross reference

G-707-03, Sheet Metal and Other Duct Work.
G-748-03, Structural Steel Erection.
G-764-01, Homebuilding Operations.
G-764-03, Rough and Framing Carpentry.
G-764-07, Supply of Labour, Construction.

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