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Class A: Forest products
Class B: Mining and related industries
Class C: Other primary industries
Class D: Manufacturing
Class E: Transportation and storage
Class F: Retail and Wholesale trades
Class G: Construction
Class H: Government and Related services
Class I: Other services

Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Construction

Class G: Construction
Application Date
January 1, 2005
723: Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Construction
4021-099 : Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Construction
Document No.


Compulsory under Schedule 1


Business activities include the construction of industrial (manufacturing and light industrial) buildings, including related warehouses, and clean-up of the construction site. Also included are

  • building and developing
  • constructing commercial and institutional buildings
  • the construction and development of industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings and real estate.

Such projects cover several components which are subcontracted to trade contractors or carried out by the builder's own labour force. This also includes integrated real-estate companies engaged in land assembly, developing, financing, building, and sale of large projects or community facilities. 

This category includes additions, major improvements and repairs/renovations to industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings. Also included is the installation or on-site repair of office and store fixtures such as counter tops and display cases. 

Included here is the construction of

  • airplane hangars
  • arenas
  • armouries
  • barns
  • barracks
  • broadcasting stations
  • canneries
  • churches
  • cinemas
  • dormitories
  • electrical and electronic products plants
  • farm silos
  • filtration plants
  • fish processing plants
  • food processing plants
  • furniture factories
  • garages and service stations
  • garbage disposal plants
  • greenhouses
  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • jails
  • laboratories
  • libraries
  • light industrial buildings
  • manufacturing buildings
  • mosques
  • museums
  • office buildings and complexes
  • parking garages
  • penitentiaries
  • recreational complexes
  • restaurants
  • rubber factories
  • sanitoria
  • schools
  • sewage treatment plants
  • shopping centres
  • storage elevators
  • strip malls
  • synagogues
  • telephone exchange buildings or stations
  • temples
  • textile factories
  • transport terminals
  • warehouses.


High-rise form work, i.e., forms more than 30 feet in height from the top of the footing, is a special operation and must be classified separately. 

All business activities carried out underground for the mining industry are considered mining activities and must be classified in the appropriate Class B - Mining CU. 

For information on classifying construction work by contract, see the section titled "Classification of Construction Activities" in The Classification Scheme, document 14-01-01, located in the Operational Policy Manual and in the Reference section of this Manual.

Cross reference

B-110-02, Gold Mines, Contracting.
B-113-02, Nickel Mines, Contracting.
B-119-16, Other Mines, Contracting.
D-308-01, Prefabricated Wooden Building Operations.
D-375-01, Portable and Other Prefabricated Metal Buildings.
F-668-02, Office and Store Equipment, Sales.
G-704-03, Office Furniture Installation.
G-707-03, Sheet Metal and Other Duct Work.
G-723-01, Apartment and Condominium Construction.
G-723-03, Heavy Engineering Construction.
G-732-03, Waterworks and Sewage Systems.
G-732-04, Other Heavy Construction.
G-748-09, Form Work (high-rise).
G-764-02, Form Work (low-rise).
G-764-05, Land Developers.

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