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Employer classification manual

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Rate group table
Class A: Forest products
Class B: Mining and related industries
Class C: Other primary industries
Class D: Manufacturing
Class E: Transportation and storage
Class F: Retail and Wholesale trades
Class G: Construction
Class H: Government and Related services
Class I: Other services

Miscellaneous Business Services

Class I: Other services
Application Date
January 1, 2005
958: Technical and Business Services
7799-001 : Miscellaneous Business Services
Document No.


By application (non-covered)


Business activities include providing services which are not elsewhere classified such as

  • appraising services (excluding insurance or real estate)
  • bailiff services
  • collecting statistics
  • convention services
  • demonstration services including incidental display (excluding sales)
  • economic intelligence services
  • editorial services
  • fashion designing, apparel (design only)
  • fundraising services
  • interior designing services (design only)
  • inventory taking services
  • modelling services
  • motor vehicle license bureaus (contracted)
  • parking enforcement (contracted)
  • patent agents
  • pattern making (needle trade) services
  • sampling services, statistical.

The following services are included, but not when carried on as part of a business service centre or a bulk mail sorting and processing service

  • address (location) processing services
  • collecting statistics
  • compiling mailing lists
  • directory compilation services
  • inventory taking services
  • labelling services.

Included here are employers who take contracts to provide interior design services. This includes providing advice and recommendations to clients on the implementation and/or modification of their designs. The services may include periodic on-site meetings and inspections. Excluded from these services is the taking of contracts to carry out a construction (Class G) business activity. 

Also included are clerical research activities that are not part of a medical, scientific, or technical research and development project. 

Excluded is the pick-up, sorting, or delivery of mail in bulk.

Cross reference

E-577-02, Postal Services. E-577-03, Courier Service Operations. G-719-05, Interior Designing Services. H-845-05, Other Services Incidental to Government. H-875-24, Health Care Research Agencies. I-956-38, Insurance and Real Estate Agencies. I-958-14, Business Service Centres. I-958-18, Custom Typing Services. I-958-26, Research and Development. I-962-05, Other Advertising Services.

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