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The WSIB provides workplace insurance, which means different things to workers and to employers. For employers, WSIB coverage means that if a work-related injury occurs, you generally don't need to worry about being sued by your covered workers.

News and highlights

2018 Annual indexation increase

Today, we started mailing out letters informing people about their annual cost of living increase to benefits for 2018. You can also read more about legislated changes to how we index and calculate benefits.

Introducing Compass

Read more about our online tool that Ontarians can use to find and compare health and safety statistics for businesses across the province or watch our instructional video.

AODA reports due

Ontario businesses & non-profits with 20+ employees, & public sector organizations are legally required to file a 2017 accessibility compliance report by December 31, 2017.
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Compass: Guiding you to a healthy and safe workplace
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