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What is ePremium?

Automatically and accurately calculate your premium, 24 hours a day. Submit instantly on our secure server and get immediate confirmation. Review premium transactions or check premium updates online.

Important information about Sign Up or Enrolment for multiple accounts for ePremium

After you have signed up or enrolled a new account, please wait for our confirmation email before enrolling another account. You will then be able to access ePremium using the website link provided in the email.

Sign up for an eServices account

Do you have a WSIB eServices User ID so we can verify your information and confirm transactions? 

If you don’t have one, sign up first.

Enrol in the ePremium service

After you’ve signed up for an eServices User ID (see above), you will need your WSIB firm or account number and, in most cases, the amount of the most recent payment you made to the WSIB.

If you are the first person to sign up from your organization, or if you haven’t yet made a payment to the WSIB, you will also need your Canada Revenue Agency Business Number and any one WSIB rate group number under which you’re classified.

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