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WSIB benefits

This section of the website will answer questions regarding your WSIB benefits.

Am I eligible for WSIB benefits?

To be eligible for WSIB insurance benefits, you must:

  • Have a worker-employer relationship with an employer covered by the WSIB
  • Have an injury or illness directly related to your work
  • Promptly file a claim with the WSIB
  • Provide all relevant information requested by the WSIB to help us determine your benefits
  • Consent to the release of functional abilities information to your employer by the health care professional treating you

Your functional abilities information comes from the health care professional treating you. It tells your employer what kinds of activities your illness or injury allows you to carry out safely. This helps your employer find safe and suitable work for you during your recovery.

What benefits can I receive?

Your workplace insurance entitles you to a range of benefits. The benefit most people are familiar with is the replacement of earnings you lose while disabled by workplace illness or injury (benefit for loss of earnings), but a number of other WSIB benefits are available to you.

Workers with claims for accidents before 1990

If you were injured before January 2, 1990, it's important for you to know about the pre-1990 benefits you may be eligible to receive.

What must I do while receiving benefits?

It's to your benefit to cooperate in your return to health and your safe return to work. As a person receiving WSIB benefits it's also your responsibility.

Most workers are helpful and cooperative in this matter. But in rare cases where a worker is determined by the WSIB to be uncooperative, the worker's benefits may be reduced or suspended after a continued period of non-cooperation.

To receive WSIB benefits, you must:

1. Cooperate in your recovery by following the treatment and health care prescribed by your health care professionals.

2. Have health examinations as required by the WSIB.
The WSIB may require a health exam if it will help us make a decision as to your case, or if it will help you re-enter the job market. Your employer may request a health exam if it will provide significant new information regarding your case.

3. Cooperate in your Return to Work program or Work Reintegration program.

Report any material change in your circumstances to the WSIB. Some examples of material changes are any change to your income, significant changes in your medical condition, or a return to work.

5. Provide any information that the WSIB needs to assess your case.

T5007 Statement and your benefits

Expense rates

Every year we review and set the rates we pay workers for claim-related costs.

Learn about the WSIB/CRA information sharing agreement.